28 09 2011

With my new role, I’ve had the opportunity to travel more, and I’ve discovered a number of reasons why I love to fly.  Here’s a quick list of my reasons why I love to fly… what are yours?


Flying brings back that sense of nostalgia for me.  As a kid, I traveled a lot with my late grandfather.  Nowadays, I usually take comfort in the fact that he’s watching over me.  That no matter how bad the turbulence got, or how rough the landing and take off are, that no matter how loud some sounds got, that I’d be safe.  The plane has become a safe haven for me, and brings me that much closer to being with my grandfather


Flying has become a great reason to unplug.  Even when I’m on vacation, I find myself typing away on my BlackBerry and not truly enjoying my vacation.  While flying, I have a great excuse not to check for emails and not be too worried and concerned about work.  Flying now has become my escape from work, a great reason to go offline and not worry to work and respond to emails.  Flying liberates me from the daily trudges of work.

Social Media Liberation

We’re all connected, and more of an addiction for me, almost the entire day to our social media sites… from Twitter, to Facebook, to Linked In, well… even our emails and SMS also keep us “socially” connected.  While flying though, again, it’s a great excuse to be on your own and have some alone time.  Being in the air liberates me from the addiction of having to check and to let people know what’s going on.  No checking and updating of Facebook statuses, no need to check the Twitter feed for the latest events, no need to go online.

The Smell of Fresh Print

With the dawn of digital books and e-readers, I no longer have the chance, or at times the patience, to pick up and read a good ‘ol fashion book.  In the plane, there are several instances I get to read a book.  I’ve catch up mostly on a lot of reading while on the plane.

Movie Marathon

Thanks to an updated selection of movies, I get to catch up and enjoy movies that I missed in the cinemas.  I also get to watch movies that I preferred not to watch as well.  It makes me realize that I missed a great movie, but glad I got to watch it.  I get to see old movies that I was not aware of, or movies that never made it to our local cinemas, but were apparently good films.

The next time you fly, try to do things that you wouldn’t usually do while grounded.  You’ll be surprised about how much you’ve been missing out on a lot of things.

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3 responses

28 09 2011
Bea S Hernandez

Airplane food! I am probably the only person on this planet who likes airplane food! :p

29 09 2011

Bea – Ako, fan din ako ng airline food!
Mark – when flying in to aus, try to wake up at 4-5am- ish to catch the best view the sun peeking from the horizon. Parang straight na rainbow. :o)

4 10 2011

This is a great post, Mark. I enjoyed reading it. Your post reminds me of an article I’ve read from Reader’s Digest about a mother who doesn’t own a mobile phone. Amazing! Anyway, good to see you’re writing again.

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