Holiday Tri-Wish List

14 09 2012

We’ve hit the “ber” months, which some say is the start of the Christmas season.  With that in mind, I was able to come up with a list of things I wouldn’t mind getting from Santa over the holidays – I wouldn’t mind it coming earlier or even later, I wouldn’t mind at all!

Specialized S-Works Trivent Triathlon Shoes

Now probably one of the most sought after triathlon shoes in the market!  By far the most advanced triathlon shoes.  Very simple changes, but those changes are very technically advanced and very practical.  A shoe that seems to have every triathlete’s wish…  perfect for the flying mount.  Not only does the back part open up, but they even have a hook for the rubber band to keep the shoe upright!





SLS3 Compression Full Leg Sleeves

Probably the best recovery tool on the market today!  It’s got the full benefit of full leg compression but without the inconvenience of wearing full tights.  Perfect after an intense workout, and for travel.  Keeps your legs fresh and promotes circulation.








HED Power Tap

A tool I’d like to have to help me finally measure power and see if it’s something I can or should work on in terms of consistent effort.







TYR Convoy Transition Backpack


Now who wouldn’t want to be this organized in transition?  It’s a triathlete-friendly bag that organizes everything from dividing across the various sports, to compartments for wet and dry clothes!  It’s works as well for transporting because it’s a backpack you can just carry on your back, even while riding a bike!





Crankbrothers Power Pump


A powerful pump in a small package!  Dual piston allows pumping up to 100psi.  It’s small enough to be inconspicuously hidden from sight at a mere 5.6″.  I first heard about this from the Age Grouper podcast, and it sounds very practical to have, especially if you’re like me who wants to have all bases covered. during a race.





Giro Air Attack Helmet


An interesting concept in my opinion where it’s a road helmet that almost as aerodynamic as the TT helmets without the added weight.  I’ve never been quite the fan of those fancy aero helmets, so this would be a good compromise.








Speedplay Zero Platformers


The perfect companion to my Speedplay Zero pedals.  It’s for those times where I would just want to bike without having to clip on, such as biking to and from transition area to set up or pack up.










Sport Legs


Another item I learned about from The Age Grouper podcast.  I wonder if it’s considered doping though… but if the claimed effects are true, then these sounds like that magic pill to take you to the next level!  Imagine… less effects from lactic acid… That’s like you pushing, not feeling any pain, and leaving it all up to your lungs and muscle to explode!







Garmin Forerunner 910XT


I’ve had my Forerunner 310XT for quite sometime now, but has always been reliable.  When the time comes though, this would be my replacement watch.  I’m looking forward to the biggest difference which is supposedly the more accurate swim stats.







Specialized Epic 29er:


Just happy to actually get to try one out in the Vaseline Men Xterra Tri Outs and I have to say, off road triathlons seem to be a good alternative to break the cycle of normal road triathlons.  I wouldn’t mind getting on the trail with this bad boy, and get into a whole different challenge.






Specialized Trivent Terra


How about we now supplement the bad-ass Specialized MTB with the correct MTB shoes… The Specialized Terra seems to offer the best in terms of Triathlon Specific needs.  The easy to use straps and the hook behind seem to work best for me on the road, maybe it would be in my best interest to use this as my MTB Tri shoes as well?






New Balance Minimus 10 Trail


Now let’s compliment the off road tri with the appropriate running shoes.  The New Balance Minimus 10 trail.  Light weight trail shoes is not quite a normal concept, but New Balance does a great job with this.  You get great response from the terrain, light and easy without sacrificing grip.




That feels like a rather long and comprehensive list of wants for the holidays.  Well, maybe at least for me.  See, it’s not that difficult shopping for a triathlete.  Everything is out there, and quite obviously will make almost any triathlete happy.  You can also be sure that you’ll get to see the recipient of these gifts use them in achieving their goals.

Now that’s the spirit of giving… not only materially, but also sharing the happiness. :)

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